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Extensions with voicemail are only $10 per month - unlimited usage and interoffice calling


As a business owner, you know how important your telephone service is to your company's operations.  At Vintage Telecom, we provide the flexibility and personalized service that you simply cannot get from the big telephone companies.  We're a privately-held company which means that there are no shareholders to convince us that we need to compromise on service in order to maximize profit.  Your support calls will never be outsourced to foreign call centers who may have difficulty understanding the problem you're having.

Demand a better return on your business communications investment.  Join the growing number of businesses who are improving their telephone service and lowering their monthly telephone expenses with us - some of our customers have cut their bills in half by switching to our cloud-based services while eliminating the need for an in-house PBX.  Get hosted PBX service AND incoming/outgoing telephone line service for less than you're probably paying for just your telephone lines now.

Replace that old PBX before it becomes an emergency!  No capital investment required and NO CONTRACT.

Enjoy big business features and presence at small-business rates, see our features page for details.

Having trouble with an existing VoIP provider?  Tired of hearing them tell you the problem is on your end?  We specialize in solving the tough problems, including those related to issues on your end.  We can often work around those problems or help you identify and fix them.


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