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Feature list


·    No capital investment required


·    Extensions with voicemail feature unlimited usage and interoffice calling for only $10

·    If you have more than one office location you can access a pool of telephone lines from multiple locations to save money, and you can transfer calls between offices


·    Automated attendant for call routing: "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support…"  We can record the attendant announcement menu for you with a professional-sounding voice, or you can record your own menu.


·    Flexible extension numbering:  want 3-digit extensions, 4-digit extensions, 5-digit extensions?  No problem.


·    Standard and HD teleconferencing for up to 10 participants is included at no extra cost.  HD conferencing makes voices easier to understand - hear everything!


·     Unlimited-usage extensions with voicemail are only $10/month  (compare to $25-$40/month)  Some companies charge more than 5 cents per minute for everything you do with an extension: incoming and outgoing calls, voicemail retrieval, etc.  With us, one low monthly flat-rate charge covers everything.


·    Unlimited interoffice calling can take advantage of HD voice codecs.  HD voice sounds better - crisper and clearer than conventional telephone calls.  Many other codecs are supported, including G711 for the best possible voice quality.


·    Virtually unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling:  8000 minutes (133 hours) of incoming calls plus 5000 minutes (83 hours) of outgoing calling are included with each DID/line per month at no extra charge.  No more "Message units" on your bill!  Only $35/month per line.  Substantial quantity discounts are available for large line pools.  We break out extensions and DIDs separately so you get exactly what you need and pay less.


·    Music on hold, call and conference recording.  We can replace the hold music with an advertisement for your company if you prefer.  Just supply us with a recording or tell us what you want and we'll do the rest.


·    Caller ID with name and Call Waiting.  Always know who’s calling.  Callers can still ring through while you’re on the line, even if all of your lines are in use.


·    Each extension's voicemails may be forwarded to the email address of your choice if you prefer, perfect for notifications to standby personnel handling messages from after-hours emergency lines


·    And while we're talking about those standby personnel... most smart phones with data plans can become extensions on the system and make and receive calls to/from your telephone line pool without disclosing mobile phone numbers to customers or clients.  Your business line number is all that will show on the called party's CallerID


·    Find-Me/Follow-Me and Ring Group features may be configured so that desk phones will ring first, followed by wireless phones, etc.


·    Call center FIFO (First-In First-Out) queues: “There are 3 callers ahead of you…”


·    Fax to email.  You can designate an extension for faxes and the system will forward any faxes received to the email address of your choice


·    ZRTP call security is supported at no extra charge.  Calls between two endpoints supporting ZRTP are more secure than wireline calls


·    The service is fully managed - there’s no “phone guy” to pay.  We'll do the initial configuration for free and there's no charge for up to 5 adds/moves/changes per month; tell us what you want and we'll take care of the configuration from our end.  New employee?  No problem.


·         Web interface for configuration and voicemail access if you want it.  If you prefer to manage your own configuration, we can provide access to an easy-to-use web interface and still help you with the tricky stuff.

·    Flexibility - need something else that you don't see here?  Call us.  There's a good chance that we can do it.


·    Reliability you can count on - we peer with multiple carriers for redundancy and we can forward your calls to a wireless phone or another number if you have a problem at your site or your internet service goes down.


·    Finally, there's no contract.  You can take your business elsewhere with no penalty if our service isn't right for you.  We believe that if you need a contract to keep your customers, there's probably something wrong with your service.

Your telephone service is the lifeline of your business, don't get stuck in a contract with a company you can't count on.  Try us and see why more and more businesses are turning to us for telephone service.




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