SIP Phone

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Pricing  (Includes ALL fees!  Some states impose additional taxes on VoIP)

Unlimited usage extensions with voicemail
Utility extensions without voicemail
Voicemail-only extensions
Announce-only extensions $5

Call recording up to 10 extensions
    each additional 10 extensions

Unlimited* outside line: 2 channels/simultaneous calls  (1-6)
    additional lines  (7-25 lines)
    additional lines  (26 or more lines) $20
    each additional simultaneous call channel added to line
    additional phone numbers  (you may add 1 per line)

*Each line includes 1 phone number with free local and long-distance calling and the capability to handle two simultaneous calls.  Additional channels (simultaneous call-handling capacity) may be added and may be shared across lines.  Outside line pricing is intended for normal business usage, not short-duration termination like telemarketing, robo-calling, etc.  Usage in excess of 8000 minutes (133 hours) of inbound and/or 5000 minutes (83 hours) of outbound calling per line may be subject to additional per-minute fees at the rate of 2.5 cents per minute.

The easiest way to avoid potential overages is to add additional lines, contact us to discuss any special needs you may have and we'll be happy to work with you to accommodate your situation!

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