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About Vintage Telecom:

Vintage Telecom is a division of Q Systems Engineering, which designs and distributes its own Consumer Electronics/telephone equipment as well as other electronic control systems and equipment under contract
within the aerospace and other industries, in addition to providing consulting services and expertise within
Network/IT, Telecom, and Software Development disciplines.  For more than 10 years, our wide-range of
expertise has allowed us to come up with innovative solutions to common (and not so common) problems.

Vintage Telecom is a privately-held company which means that there are no shareholders to convince us that
we need to compromise on service in order to maximize profit.  Your support calls will never be outsourced to
foreign call centers who may have difficulty understanding the problem you're having.

Vintage actually got its start getting one of our clients out of a jam when they came to us needing help setting
up a new telecom infrastructure after losing their old Nortel PBX.  After some analysis, we determined that we
could improve their telephone services and save them money at the same time by opening up and expanding our
own telecom infrastructure to serve their needs as well as ours.  Word got around and pretty soon we found
ourselves helping other businesses as well.

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